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Natural Cures for Mastitis

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

After several bouts of mastitis as a new mom and later on, a toddler mom- I have found ways to naturally fight off the infection, if it is caught early enough. Below are my suggestions to help any mom suffering from mastitis, using natural remedies.

The first three times I had mastitis, I had no knowledge about natural ways to fight off the infection, and I was also suffering from a compromised immune system after being pregnant - because, hello - growing a baby takes toll on your body. Unfortunately this led to antibiotics, and I didn't tolerate them well, and neither did my baby, who was getting them through breastfeeding. We are also aware of the toll that antibiotics takes on our gut health.

By the fourth time I had it, it had been long enough, and my baby was over a year. By then, I knew that there were other alternatives to antibiotics. However, these natural cures don't work if you don't catch the early signs of mastitis and begin treating right away, or if you are working off of a compromised immune system from pregnancy. By no means am I a doctor, but I've had success with this routine. If your fever continues for longer than 24 hours, seek medical help. Read below to see what worked for me!

  • Raw, chopped garlic cloves (swallow whole with orange juice if you can't stand the taste) - these are a natural antibiotic

  • Or Black Garlic Pills (this is stronger than regular garlic because it’s fermented)

  • Cod Liver Oil (pills or liquid form) - boosts immune system, reduces inflammation

  • Colloidal Silver diluted applied topically to breast

  • Cabbage Leaves (Some women swear it pulls the infection out- it definitely didn't hurt because they are cool and soothing on feverish skin)

  • Women's Multi-Vitamin or Prenatal as directed

  • Coconut Oil or Caprylic Acid as directed (usually 1-2 a day) - This is an antibacterial, and an antifungal

  • Elderberry Syrup (not the diluted Sambucus version) - take the heavy recommended dosage morning and night

  • Manuka Honey

  • Echinacea was highly recommended by my midwife as an anti-fungal and immune booster

  • Sunflower Lecithin as directed (usually 1-2 a day) - this thins out the milk which can help especially with clogged ducts

  • Synergy Vitamin C Capsules

  • Synergy Zinc Capsules

  • Nurse, nurse, nurse!! Or Pumping every 2-3 hours - Don't stop breastfeeding / pumping even though it's painful. Draining the breast will lessen symptoms

  • Hot compresses & hot showers often

  • Massaging the breast

  • Lots of H20 - Flushing your system out with water is the best thing you can do while fighting an infection!

  • ***Bone Broth - I have not yet tried this, but many mamas swear by it as it aids in reducing inflammation

  • ***Hepar Sulph - I have not yet tried this, but my midwife suggested this as a homeopathic remedy

Some of these natural remedies, such as elderberry syrup, come with a warning for pregnant or nursing women. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask your OB, naturopathic doctor, or your chiropractor, midwife, doula, etc. before taking any supplements.

Do this routine daily until your symptoms are gone. I did not take any anti-inflammatory medicine, because I didn't want to take it unless I absolutely had to, and this protocol worked for me.

We know that fever reducers can lengthen the time of your fever overall. Remember, fevers are good! They are your body's way of fighting off an infection. Mastitis is never fun, but greeting it with a strong immune system from the beginning will increase your chances of fighting it off naturally!

There are times where mastitis gets severe quickly, and can turn into sepsis. One sign of this is red streaks across your breast(s). At this point, natural remedies aren’t enough. Always listen to your body.

Did any of these remedies work for you? Comment below and share your experience, I would love to hear it!

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