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Hello fellow Nontoxic Mama Bears! You've come to the right place. I know how overwhelming nontoxic living can be. Decrease your chemical exposure with my tips and tricks, in order to help keep your family safe from chemicals and environmental pollutants. Find support in my Facebook Community, and follow along in my daily journey on Instagram. 

About Jenna

Jenna Johnson
Nontoxic Mama Bear


I'm Jenna, a mother of three little babes and one on the way who is passionate about nontoxic living. I live in Texas with my husband of 7 years. My toxin free journey first began when I was pregnant with my daughter, almost 6 years ago.

I started learning about how chemicals in our makeup, shampoo, nail polish and conditioner can affect hormones and our overall immune system functioning. I learned that everything we put onto our bodies can make its way into the developing fetus. I was floored and needed to learn more. I took a deep dive into the internet and realized the amount of information available was overwhelming. With a background in writing, science, and education, I knew I needed to better deliver information on nontoxic living, and support other mamas embarking on their own journey. 

I created my Facebook group as a way to share existing research and to discuss the true safety of questionable ingredients. This was just the beginning.

Today, I'm passionate about helping other families learn and grow, as we continue to navigate the deep rabbit hole we find ourselves in. I feel it is my duty in life to raise my children to the best of my ability. This includes teaching them about the harm chemicals can have on our bodies so they can make les toxic choices. Follow along with me and learn! I left my teaching job after 10 years to pursue my passion full time. I can talk ALL day about clean living. When you know better, you do better. Let's be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Organic Mamas in a Toxic World 

Find a Facebook community of like-minded mamas who are knee-deep in toxin free living just like you. From hard core crunchy mamas, to those just getting started, I promise this group will be a wealth of information. Join my community today, and find support in your journey. 


Let's Create
a Home
without Toxins


"I grew up eating pop-tarts, candy, sugary cereals, and canned foods. I used harsh chemicals to clean. I cooked on teflon pans and wore a multitude of toxin-filled beauty products.  I was plagued with health issues my entire life from the overuse of antibiotics, unhealthy foods, and poor gut health, not knowing they were related to toxins. I knew there had to be another way. I am so happy to have found nontoxic living, because it has truly changed my life. Now, I'm on a mission to help others and spread the word about the dangers of toxic products and foods. Let's raise well-informed children, so they can make good choices from the beginning." 

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