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6 Non-toxic Nursery Items

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Choosing nontoxic products for your baby will ensure their nursery is carefully decorated with breathable, eco-friendly materials that are safe for them to touch and feel as they grow.

So you've decided to go as "non-toxic" as possible in designing your baby's nursery, and in choosing items for the registry. For ideas on organic cotton clothing, join my Facebook Group or visit my Instagram feed (@nontoxicmamabear). These clothing picks are made in safe and regulated facilities, with non-toxic dyes and inks.

Read on to find 6 of my top choices for developing a safe, non-toxic nursery. These are products I use for my own child.

“Think of your child's nursery as a pure, safe haven. A place that keeps them hidden away from the chemicals in the world, a place that houses baby-safe toys, clothing, and products. A nursery that is purely non-toxic.”

Creating an entire registry or nursery that is purely non-toxic can be overwhelming. But starting with just 5 great products will open up your world to other possibilities and start you off in the right direction of creating the safe haven you are looking for. From clothing to mattresses, to monitors and rockers, choosing products that are greenguard certified, and are made from ecofriendly materials will give you piece of mind, and help your little one sleep soundly.

1. Organic Cotton Mattress & Mattress Pad

Did you know that sleep can actually be interrupted by the offgassing of chemicals, which can stem from products such as mattresses or sheets? Mattresses that are created from synthetic materials and glues can release chemicals into the air, such as formaldehyde. Many mattresses contain polyurethane foam, a petroleum-based material that emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. These types of chemicals can disrupt sleep. Placing your child to sleep on an organic mattress and pad will keep their little lungs breathing clean air.

My Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Picks

Naturepedic Crib Mattress on Amazon

2. Organic Cotton Crib Sheets & Pack n' Play Sheets

Polyester-cotton bed linens and cotton mixed sheets are often created with the use of synthetic materials added in, and also treated with a formaldehyde-based permanent-press finish to keep them wrinkle free. Washing them won't do the trick- formaldehyde fumes are released for the entire life of the fabric. Opt for fabrics that you know are certified organic, and choose those over all other options. This is the best option for sensitive skin.

3. Non-toxic Crib

There are so many reasons why choosing a non-toxic crib is important. Not only do they sleep in their crib as they grow, but they climb, and play in it, as well as put their sweet little mouth on it. Choosing a solid wooden crib that is unfinished is always a good option. Buying a crib made from wood blends, or manufactured wood, can often offgas from the synthetic wood itself, the coatings, or the glues used to keep it together. Look for cribs that are made of certified sustainable wood or hardwood only. Do not buy a crib that is made from particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, and/or medium density fiberboard. Look for a crib that is finished with water-based, non-toxic substances. This will ensure it contains no VOCs. Looking for cribs and crib furniture that are listed as "greenguard certified" can ensure that the crib has low chemical emissions.

Custom Made Cribs from Green Cradle

4. Non-Toxic Glider

When looking for a non-toxic glider, also look for ones that are constructed with solid hard wood, or contain fabrics that are eco-friendly. Pottery Barn Kids makes beautiful non-toxic gliders but they cost a pretty penny. Although worth the splurge, you can choose the rocker to be made with organic twill. Another option could be that you can always decide to go with a hardwood, unfinished rocking chair. Finding something within your budget is important, because all the pieces needed in a nursery add up quickly.

My Non-toxic Glider Pick (ottoman optional): Pottery Barn Kids

5. Low-Emission Monitor

Monitors actually emit radiation, which means most moms just leave the door open and listen for their baby instead of using a monitor. But in a large house, or if you are a fan of sleeping with the door shut, a monitor is key for you to function and get things done while baby naps.

What you should know: All wireless baby monitors emit non-ionizing radiation (NIR). NIR has two kinds of effects on our bodies: (1) a thermal effect and (2) a non-thermal effect. This NIR, or Non-Ionizing Radiation has a thermal effect, which means it heats up tissues such as a microwave "heats things up" when it emits radiation. The same is true for us when we are near cell phones. Infant skulls are easily penetrable by radiation, more so than adult skulls. If that doesn't make you want to buy a low emission monitor, know that exposure to such radiation can affect sleep, and the development of the brain when exposed over time.

My favorite low emission monitor pick: Bebcare

Use code Nontoxicmamabear for 10% off!

Other Pick (hardwired): Nest Cam

6. Non-toxic Travel Crib

A travel crib isn't always part of your nursery decor, but after having my first baby, I realized just how essential this is. Finding one that is the perfect size, and is easy to break down and set up on the go is a challenge. But finding a non-toxic travel crib is even more challenging, until the Guava Lotus travel crib was designed. This travel crib is made with earth friendly materials, and is "greenguard gold certified", which means it does not exhibit high levels of harmful emissions. It only weighs 13 pounds, and is made without flame retardants, meaning it has low levels of VOC's. Travel cribs from other brands fail to meet these standards, such as the ever popular Graco travel crib.

My Non-toxic Travel Crib Pick - The Guava Lotus Travel Crib

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