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Hi, I'm 

I'm a nontoxic lifestyle expert and a mother to three babes under the age of 6. Over seven years ago, I took the leap into toxin free living after retiring from teaching elementary special education.


I help families make simple swaps in their home and surrounding environment in order to decrease chemical exposure. I know how overwhelming the world of nontoxic living can be, with the large amount of influencers and sources out there that contradict each other. It's even harder to know which brands are truly clean and can be trusted. I make it easy and effortless while sharing tips, tricks and valid resources for you and your family. 

I'm so happy you are here. You have found your "people", your community, and a friend in me. I help you avoid the overwhelm and find balance. 


Welcome, Nontoxic Mama Bear

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Get My Home Detox E-book!

This book is an all-inclusive approach to detoxing your home in order to decrease your toxin exposure on a daily basis. From mattress recommendations, to suggestions for clean air fryers and beauty products, this guide has it all.


It contains over 150 pages of tips and tricks you need in order to make safe swaps for every room in your home, including your laundry room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Inside you'll find shampoo and conditioner recommendations, safe brand suggestions for lotions and personal care products, makeup suggestions, DIY recipes, many of my favorite female owned companies, and more! You will acquire a list of safe swaps and dangerous ingredients to avoid. 


You will find the cleanest of products listed in this ebook, and never any greenwashed ones. It comes with a six month planner, in order to break down your goals into month by month to help you detox your home. 

"The Home Detox Guide is an incredible resource. I've been on a nontoxic journey now for 6+ years now, and always looking for new products and places in the home to improve. Whether you're just getting started, or you've been at this journey for a while, while guide would be a great tool to have under your belt. Jenna's knowledge is great! From her recommendations to her recipes, we love it all!"


"This guide has helped me to make safe swaps within our home in every single room. It has been helpful to plan out 6 months of detoxing using the included planner, so I can focus on short term and long term goals. Nontoxic living is truly a journey, and I have learned so much from Jenna and cannot thank her enough for this helpful information."  


"This ebook is a must have for any family. We are living in a world surrounded by toxins, and this guide helps the reader to eliminate these toxins, by becoming educated on their environment. This guide is a helpful resource for anyone - regardless of being new to it or not. Thank you Jenna for writing this amazing and helpful ebook!"


"All I can say is I don't know how I got through detoxing my home before this guide existed! My son specifically suffers from environmental toxins, and I did not know where to begin, until I found the Home Detox Guide. If you are contemplating purchasing it, don't wait! Your family will thank you!"


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