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Guarding your Family's Health with Life Harmony Energies

Hey Nontoxic Families! I’ve been getting so many questions about the wide array of products from Life Harmony Energies on social media, that I wanted to write a blog post and give my honest thoughts on how they can help your family mitigate the harmful effects of EMFs.

One thing about Life Harmony Energies, is they have beautiful pieces you can incorporate into your daily life easily. They are easy to protect your family with. I can’t recommend them enough! Let’s dive into how their products work and how I use them on a daily basis as a busy mom.

In today's digital age, our lives have become inseparable from electronic devices. What we don’t know is how impactful the radiation from these devices can be. From smartphones and laptops to Wi-Fi routers and smart appliances, we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) every single day. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m exposing both myself and my growing baby of 18 weeks to EMF radiation.

While these EMFs make our lives more convenient in many ways, there is growing concern about their potential health risks. Enter Life Harmony Energies: a company that has gained recognition for its innovative EMF protection products! In this blog article, we will explore why EMFs are harmful, and the importance of safeguarding your family against EMFs with Life Harmony Energies. So let’s dive in!

Understanding EMFs

What are EMFs? You hear them ALL the time on social media, and now are being talked about in news articles and other media. Well, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated by electrical devices and power lines. They consist of both electric and magnetic fields and are categorized into two types: low-frequency EMFs (from sources like power lines and appliances) and high-frequency EMFs (from wireless devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi routers). While low-level exposure to EMFs is generally considered safe, prolonged and high-level exposure has raised concerns about potential health risks.

Health Concerns Associated with EMFs

We know that EMFs can affect our health - but how, exactly? Research into the health effects of EMFs is ongoing, but some studies have suggested possible links between EMF exposure and health issues such as:

  • Cancer: Some studies have explored the potential association between high EMF exposure and an increased risk of certain cancers, such as childhood leukemia and brain tumors.

  • Sleep Disturbances: EMF exposure, especially from electronic devices in the bedroom, has been linked to sleep disturbances and insomnia.

  • Cognitive Impairment: There is ongoing research into whether EMF exposure may have adverse effects on cognitive function and memory.

  • Fertility Issues: Some studies have suggested that EMF exposure may negatively impact male fertility.

These are just some of the ways that research has shown EMFs can be harmful, especially over time. So how can Life Harmony Energies be helpful to mitigate the effects of radiation on your growing family?

Life Harmony Energies' EMF Protection Products

There are so many products! So which one do I choose? This company offers a diverse range of products designed to mitigate the potential risks associated with EMF exposure. Let's explore some of their most popular offerings:

  • Food & Home Harmonizers: These small, portable devices emit low-level frequencies that are designed to counteract the harmful effects of EMFs. They can be attached to your electronic devices or worn as jewelry. They offer an interesting collection. The harmonizing plate and water bottle can be used to neutralize harmful frequencies in your water and food prior to consuming! Who knew that water and foods (because of where they come from) can be exposed to negative energies?! See the options for food and home harmonizers here.

  • Skin Care: Their skincare is built to meet European standards and include high-potency ingredients that are 100% Natural and vegan. And if that wasn't enough… their proprietary bioresonance energy in every drop! Positive energy in skincare?! Now that’s COOL! You'll love Ageless Face Oil, Face Cream, and Body Spray because of how great your skin feels and looks right away. Their exclusive formula is deep at work energizing the mitochondria of your skin cells and unlocking your skin's natural anti-aging potential. Explore the collection of anti-aging skin care here.

  • EMF Protection Jewelry: Stylish and functional, their jewelry pieces are designed to harmonize the body's energy and provide protection against EMFs when worn. Personally, I use and love the Pure Light Cuff, the Health and Harmony Bracelet, and more! See the whole collection here.

  • Harmonizers for Cars, Cell Phones, etc: They are the leading makers of anti-radiation products for every part of your life! They’ve been making powerful, easy-to-use neutralizers that protect your health from dangerous EMF radiation for over 20 years throughout Europe and the United States! Carbon+ EMF Harmonizers work for your cell phone, wireless devices, outlets, car, office and overall home. See what they offer here.

  • Sprays: They sell 12 sprays that are designed to deliver potent energies directly into your body. They have been energetically charged to provide a rapid and highly effective means of accessing the revitalizing forces you desire. Think of it as the equivalent of taking a mega vitamin, but with even greater advantages! See their collection here.

How Life Harmony Energies' Products Work

So what exactly is a harmonizer, and how can it help your home create a barrier? They work by neutralizing the harmful energy. They don’t work the same as devices that block EMFs, simply because it can interfere with the appliance or technology. Life Harmony Energies works by harmonizing and neutralizing the negative effects of EMFs on your body's energy field. They create a protective barrier that reduces the potential health risks associated with EMF exposure. Many users have reported improved sleep quality, reduced anxiety, and a general sense of well-being after using Life Harmony Energies' products. I can attest to all three of these reviews! I have felt similar results. I am also sensitive to energies and changes in energy within my home and around my body.

Understanding the Vulnerability of Babies and Children to EMFs

I’m passionate about this topic and this company specifically because we know babies and children are especially vulnerable to the potential effects of EMF exposure for several reasons:

  • They Have a Developing Nervous System: The nervous system, including the brain, is still developing in babies and young children. EMF exposure during this critical period could have a more significant impact.

  • They are Undergoing Increased Cell Division: Babies and children have rapidly dividing cells, which may be more susceptible to disruptions caused by EMFs.

  • They Have a Longer Lifespan of Exposure: We grew up without this type of concern around us at this level. With the introduction of 5G and other harmful advancements in technology, children today are exposed to EMFs from a very young age and will continue to be exposed throughout their lives, potentially accumulating greater exposure over time.

  • They Have Smaller Bodies: Children have smaller bodies, which means that the same level of EMF exposure could have a more concentrated effect on their tissues and organs.

The sensitive nature of young bodies and developing brains has led many parents to seek ways to protect their little ones from potential EMF exposure. This is where EMF harmonizers play a crucial role in neutralizing negative frequencies and safeguarding the well-being of babies and children. You can see why harmonizing harmful radiation is a must in your home. Even if you aren’t growing your family, and your children are older, the positive effects of these products cannot be shared enough. If you don’t have children, these products can benefit your pets! Sadly, EMF radiation affects everyone and everything around it. Not only are products from Life Harmony Energies functional, but they are equally as beautiful.

How EMF Harmonizers Help Neutralize Negative Frequencies

EMF harmonizers are designed to create a protective shield around the user, including babies and children. Here's how they work to neutralize negative frequencies - let’s break it down further!

  • Frequency Harmonization: EMF harmonizers emit low-level frequencies that are carefully designed to resonate with the body's natural energy field. These frequencies are intended to harmonize or balance out the disruptive frequencies generated by EMFs.

  • They Create a Barrier: When used or placed in proximity to the child, these harmonizers aim to create a barrier that reduces the penetration of harmful EMFs into the body. This can help reduce potential health risks associated with EMF exposure.

  • They Promote Well-Being: Many users, including parents of babies and young children, have reported positive effects such as improved sleep quality, reduced anxiety, and a sense of increased well-being when using EMF harmonizers.

  • They are Easy to Apply: EMF harmonizers are often designed to be user-friendly and portable, making them suitable for babies and children. They can be attached to clothing, placed near a crib, or used in various everyday situations. Did you see my reel on how I place them in my home, on top of outlet covers? Watch it here!

In a world dependent on electronic devices, it's essential to be proactive about protecting your family's health. While the full extent of EMF-related health risks is still being explored, the precautionary principle suggests taking steps to minimize exposure. Life Harmony Energies' EMF protection products offer a solution for those looking to reduce the risks associated with EMF exposure. Whether you choose an EMF harmonizer or a piece of their beautiful jewelry, you can safeguard your family's well-being. As with any health-related decision, it's essential to do your research and consult with experts to make informed choices that best suit your family's needs.

The Importance of a Holistic Approach

How else can you decrease your family’s exposure to negative frequencies? Here’s a list of tips that I’ve compiled from other moms that work for them, so I thought I would share:

  • Limiting Screen Time: Reduce unnecessary screen time for children, especially before bedtime, to minimize EMF exposure from devices. Get more tips on how to decrease screen time from my recent podcast episode.

  • Creating EMF-Free Zones: Designate certain areas in your home, like bedrooms, as EMF-free zones by using shielding materials, like paint or canopies. Turn devices on airplane mode as often as possible. Turn your Wi-Fi off at night if you’re able to!

  • Outdoor Play: Encourage outdoor play with your kids as much as you can year round, in order to reduce continuous indoor EMF exposure.

  • Consultation with Experts: When in doubt, consult with healthcare professionals or experts in EMF exposure for guidance on protecting your child's health. There are many resources out there on social media that share about the harmful effects and how to mitigate or protect your family. Remember, knowledge is power!

EMF harmonizers from Life Harmony Energies and similar products provide an extra layer of protection for babies and children in today's technology-driven world. While scientific research on their effectiveness is ongoing, many parents find peace of mind in using these devices to help neutralize negative frequencies and reduce potential health risks associated with EMF exposure. However, it's essential to maintain a balanced and holistic approach to your child's well-being by combining EMF protection with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Let’s start protecting your family today!! Use my discount for Life Harmony Energies and for their sister company as well, EMF Harmony products at 20%.

Note: It's important to note that individual experiences may vary, and while many users find these products helpful, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions.

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