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Top 3 Non-toxic and Organic Nursing Creams

Welcome to the world of breast-feeding, pumping, and everything in between! If there's one thing that a mama needs, it's a good and reliable nipple cream to apply before or after nursing to prevent or relieve cracked and dry nipples. But there are many different brands, with numerous ingredients, so which one do you choose?

Harmful Ingredients in Nursing Creams


The latest research about lanolin says it's a no-no for applying to nipples, and definitely not something you want your baby ingesting. Why? One word- pesticides. We know that humans consume and are exposed to pesticides every day- from the food they eat, to the clothes they wear, etc. But lanolin (keeps sheep fur moist) can contain dirt, feces, - pretty gross right? Why would you want your baby to ingest that?! Lanolin is also contained in a large majority of beauty products. It's a staple in nursing creams because it is used in hospitals for healing. But it's not something you want in your nursing cream- unless it's organic, and completely purified. Even more intense, the lanolin can contain genetically modified ingredients from what the sheep eat! GMO's are endocrine disruptors.

Petrolatum (Petroleum)

Some nursing creams contain petrolatum, (and some moms just use vaseline- no, no!) which is an irritant to baby's sensitive skin. This type of chemical, comes from crude oil, and is used in the majority of baby creams, beauty products, and lotions- yikes! There has been varying research on whether this chemical contributes to cancer. EWG refers to it as a moderate rating for being harmful. But the verdict is that petrolatum can pose a risk for contamination with PAH's or what are known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have been linked to cancer. They are chemicals found in crude oil and its by-products.

Top 3 Non-toxic and Organic Nipple Creams

No lanolin, petroleum, or parabens. It's completely non-toxic and 100% organic. It's also non-GMO product verified, and fully test for irritants, making it the NICU's top choice.

Ingredients: Olive fruit oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, calendula flower extract

No lanolin or petroleum, and is 100% organic. I also use their disposable nursing pads, made from ecofriendly, soft bamboo fiber.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, marshmallow root, calendula flower

No lanolin or petroleum, 100% organic, and promotes themselves being cruelty-free. This is my top choice and the one I throw in my pumping bag and keep on my nightstand. It's been my top choice since my daughter was born, since it's cocoa butter free. Some moms prefer to choose cream with cocoa butter for its nourishing properties.

Ingredients: Beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, oregon grape root, calendula flower, myrrh gum, yarrow herb

You can also use Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil and Breast Milk for the short-term if nursing cream isn't readily available.

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