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The Worst Baby Monitors

Monitors actually emit radiation, which means most moms just leave the door open and listen for their baby instead of using a monitor. But in a large house, or if you are a fan of sleeping with the door shut, a monitor is key for you to function and get things done while baby naps.

What you should know

All wireless baby monitors emit non-ionizing radiation (NIR). NIR has two kinds of effects on our bodies: (1) a thermal effect and (2) a non-thermal effect. This NIR, or Non-Ionizing Radiation has a thermal effect, which means it heats up tissues such as a microwave "heats things up" when it emits radiation. The same is true for us when we are near cell phones. Infant skulls are easily penetrable by radiation, more so than adult skulls. If that doesn't make you want to buy a low emission monitor, know that exposure to such radiation can affect sleep, and the development of the brain when exposed over time.

So what makes a baby monitor so awful?

  • Poor Sound Quality

  • Delays in Video

  • Blurry Images or Video

  • High Radiation Emission

  • Lagging of Controls / Delayed Movement

  • Poor Day to Night Light Recognition

My List of Baby Monitors to Avoid:

  1. VTech Full Color Video & Audio Monitor BM2700

  2. Yohoolyo Video Baby Monitor VB603

  3. Oricom Secure 715 Digital Video/Audio Baby Monitor SC715

  4. D-Link Digital Baby Monitor Day & Night Cloud Camera & Wireless Network Camera

  5. WiFiBaby Baby Monitor (WFB2015)

  6. Withing Baby Monitor (WBP01)

  7. iBaby M6 and iBaby M3S Baby Monitors

  8. Philips In Sight B120/37 Baby Monitor

  9. Summer Baby Zoom WiFi Monitor & Internet Viewing Monitor System

Between poor image and video quality, connection to harmful Wifi, and even delays in connection, these are not my top choices for many reasons, not to mention they emit radiation!

So what’s my Top Pick for a quality, low emission baby monitor? Bebcare Low Emission Baby Monitor

Did you know that baby brains absorb 60% more wireless radiation than adults?!

Yep. According to Bebcare, “most high tech baby monitors hide the potential hazards of wireless technology in a fine print caution on packaging. While wireless radiation carries documented health risks for people of all ages, children and babies are especially vulnerable. We are living in a world that is filled with wireless signals, whose long-term effects are not well understood”.

“While smartphones and wireless technology have made an indelible mark on how we live our lives, the science on the effects of wireless emissions is yet to catch up with technology. Long-term studies of the effects of constant wireless exposure are just starting to proliferate the scientific community. In particular, effects on young child may have severe long term consequences on the child's mental development”.

We do know that in studies conducted, radiation exposure from a baby monitor has shown to “heat up” baby’s brain tissue while they are sleeping... say what?!

Why do I trust Bebcare?

The Bebcare team set out to build premium babycare baby monitors that has no compromise between safety, features, and performance. Our baby monitors emit significant lower wireless emissions compared other baby monitors, ensuring the highest level of safety for your child

Use my code NONTOXICMAMABEAR for a 10% OFF discount and buy the smart choice for your child, a low emission monitor by Bebcare!

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