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Sustainable Swaps You Haven't Considered

I share swaps on my social media platforms daily for everything under the sun from toothpaste to sheets! You name it, there is a swap for it!

Below is an excerpt of my Home Detox Guide. It includes a list of safe swaps you can make within your home to decrease toxins on a daily basis. These may or may not include things you haven't considered, but are easy enough to switch today!

  • Swap Plastic Cups for Kids with Stainless Steel or Glass Option like Elk & Friends Glass Cups with silicone sleeves, Elk and Friends Stainless Steel Cups, or Ball Mason Jars with Silicone Jar Jackets

  • Swap that Plastic Strainer for a Stainless Steel option

  • Eventually invest in a Reverse Osmosis System

  • Swap Vaseline & Aquaphor for Stouderhouse Healer's Balm and Alba Unpetroleum Jelly or Tallow from Tallow & Tansy

  • Swap those Synthetic Tampons for Organic Cotton Tampons, Pads, or Organic Cotton Period Underwear, or a Saalt Menstrual Cup

  • Swap that Vintage or Ceramic Dishware for Glass, Stainless Steel, or Duralex Lys Dishware

  • Swap Perfume and Synthetic Fragrance for Essential Oils and Roll ons

  • Swap your Plastic Hairbrush for a Wooden One

  • Swap your Plastic Cutting Boards for Wooden Block that are treated with Beeswax

  • Swap Ceramic Coffee Mugs for Anchor Hocking Glass Mugs

  • Swap those Plastic Mixing Bowls for Glass or Stainless Steel options

  • Swap Melamine Bamboo Utensils, Cups, etc. for Pure Bamboo options without Melamine

  • Swap Synthetic Dental Floss for Organic Cotton Floss or a Water Pick

  • Swap Plastic Toothpaste Tubes for Tooth Powder, or Toothpaste Chews

  • Swap Plastic Shampoo & Soap Bottles for Shampoo & Soap Bars

  • Swap Polyester Blankets & Pillows for Organic Cotton or Synthetic Brands that are Oeko Tex Certified

  • Swap Laundry Baskets & Toy Storage for Cotton Rope Baskets or Sustainable Materials like Jute

  • Toss those Rugs with Polyester Materials for Organic Cotton Rugs or those constructed from Natural Materials such as Jute

  • Swap Harmful Laundry Detergents and Dishwasher Soaps with Castile Soap and Baking Soda

What swaps have you made this year? Comment below and share your ideas!

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