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Plan an Eco Baby Shower

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

A baby shower is such an exciting event, and making this day memorable is necessary. With the overload of toxic party options out there, it's easy to get discouraged when planning one that falls in line with your values. Do you believe in low waste, reusable options that won't break the bank? Read below for sustainable ideas so you can plan the baby shower of your dreams!

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When planning your baby shower, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of your celebration. From the invitations to the decorations, there are many ways to make your baby shower more eco-friendly:

Choose a sustainable venue: When choosing a venue for your baby shower, consider an eco-friendly location. For example, you could hold the event in a park or garden, or even in your own backyard. This can reduce the need for electricity and transportation, which can have a significant impact on the environment.

Send digital invitations: Instead of sending paper invitations, opt for digital invitations. There are many online platforms that offer eco-friendly invitations that can be sent via email or social media. This not only saves paper, but it also reduces the carbon emissions associated with printing and delivering physical invitations. Evite and Paperless Post and two of my favorite options.

Use sustainable decorations: When it comes to decorations, there are many eco-friendly options available. For example, you could use potted plants instead of cut flowers, or choose decorations made from sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled paper, or natural fabrics. If you are looking for a few specific items, you can thrift them from an antique store or hunt for upcycled addition. You could even consider renting decorations instead of buying them, which can reduce waste and save money.

Provide reusable dishware and utensils: Instead of using disposable plates, cups, and utensils, opt for reusable dishware and utensils. This can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by the event. Yes that means you will have to wash a lot of drinking glasses! But adding unique glassware can bring a personalized touch. If you don't have enough dishware and utensils, consider borrowing from your friends or renting them from a local party rental company. If you have an endless supply of mason jars on hand like I do, you could even use those. Add a colorful paper straw and some fruit for garnish and voila!

Choose sustainable food and drinks: What are sustainable food and drinks, you may ask...When planning the menu for your baby shower, consider choosing sustainable and locally sourced foods. This means shopping local. This can reduce the carbon emissions associated with transporting food from long distances. You could also choose vegetarian or vegan options, which have a lower environmental impact than meat-based dishes.

For drinks, consider serving water in reusable glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, or DIY your own flavored water recipe that's equally tasting as it is refreshing. Store it in a large glass serving cooler with cucumbers, fruit, or whatever your mama heart desires.

Provide eco-friendly party favors: Instead of providing traditional party favors that often end up in the trash, consider eco-friendly options. For example, you could give guests small potted plants, reusable water bottles, or organic snacks. You could even gift your guests reusable cloth napkins or eco-friendly cleaning products. The options are endless! Okay, maybe not all your guests want cleaning products, but you catch my drift! And just for the record, I would be stoked to receive cleaning products as favors hah! Another option is to make your own DIY party favors, such as homemade soap or candles using natural ingredients. These types of party favors not only reduce waste, but they also promote sustainability and healthy living.

Avoid balloons: While balloons may be a popular decoration for baby showers, they are not eco-friendly. Balloons are typically made of plastic or latex and can take years to decompose. Instead of using balloons, consider using natural decorations such as flowers or plants.

Stock your registry with eco-friendly baby gifts or encourage guests to bring heirlooms or thrifted finds: When creating a baby registry, consider choosing eco-friendly and sustainable baby products. For example, you could choose organic cotton clothing, reusable cloth diapers, or wooden toys instead of plastic ones. This not only reduces waste, but it also promotes healthy and sustainable living for the baby and decreases exposure to chemicals.

Choose green vendors: When choosing vendors for your baby shower, consider those that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness. For example, you could choose a caterer that uses locally sourced and organic ingredients, or a rental company that offers eco-friendly options such as compostable dishware and utensils. Your tools may be limited depending on where you live, but take advantage of your local vendors and support small businesses.

Provide recycling and composting bins: To reduce waste at your baby shower, provide recycling and composting bins. This makes it easier for guests to dispose of waste properly and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Hello composting project!

Make your eco baby shower memorable with sustainable activities: Have a canning activity for future baby foods, or make wreaths with natural materials to hand in the nursery. Craft with dried florals or twine, to crest something beautiful and sustainable! The guests will enjoy doing something different that they haven't experienced before.

Choose a charity or nonprofit to support: Consider choosing a charity or nonprofit organization to support with your baby shower. This can be a great way to give back to the community and promote sustainability. For example, you could choose a local organization that focuses on environmental conservation or a charity that supports sustainable living in developing countries or building homes for orphaned children. There is a multitude of different charities out there that support many causes, so you can find the right one for you!

By implementing just a few of these tips, you can make your baby shower eco-friendly, memorable, and promote sustainable living for all. Have you tried any of these ideas?! If so, share below!

Are you expecting a bundle of joy?! Don't forget to download my Nontoxic Baby Registry Guide & Checklist / Postpartum Checklist!

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