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Nontoxic Rain & Winter Gear

Did you know that clothing offgasses? There are many different types of chemicals that go into the manufacturing of clothing. This goes for kids' clothing too! Outerwear and footwear can be some of the most toxic items in your closet.

Finding rain and winter clothing that will stand up to harsh weather without harsh chemicals is tough to find. There are endless brands of rain jackets and snow boots that contain high levels of heavy metals, as well as PVC. For many reasons, children are more susceptible to the chemicals in our environment, and our goal is to limit their exposure.

So how do we do that?

Unfortunately, the majority of rain and snow gear on the market contains coatings that are linked to cancer, as well as infertility and birth defects. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are part of this group. They are the same chemicals you will find in a Teflon pan. Phthalates are also found in waterproof gear, which is the same group of chemicals you will find in food packaging.

There are many types of fabrics and water repelling materials that are hard to avoid, such as polyurethane. Puddlegear is the only brand that does not contain a polyurethane coating. Their material is extra thick, so they can get away with this.

Discouraged yet? I have cleaner brands listed below - ones that I have tried myself, and come highly recommended from the Mamas in my Facebook community. Read below!

Rain & Winter Gear

Eco-Friendly Wool & Cotton Layering

The great thing about this list of suggestions is it contains a variety of different styles and textures, depending on what you're looking for. Have you tried any of these brands? If so, which ones have you tried and loved? Please drop them below in the comments. Stay dry this winter Mamas!

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