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Non-toxic Skin & Hair Care for Pregnancy and After

Yay! You're pregnant. Or maybe were recently pregnant, and are now breastfeeding. Or, maybe you just want non-toxic hair and skin products for a healthier YOU.

You know that old saying, you are what you eat? Well, the same goes for your skin. You are what you put on your skin.

Everything you put on your skin seeps into your pores and settles into your bloodstream. From there, it disperses to the rest of your body. Choosing organic products and reading product labels are more important now than ever, being pregnant.

What beauty products are safe? How do you know?There are so many unknown ingredients that go into beauty products nowadays. Reading the labels and trying to pronounce all of those scary, mysterious ingredients can be disheartening. Becoming literate in product reading, and really researching ingredients is the best way to learn what

My Non-toxic Cleanser-&-Moisturizer-in-One Pick

Finding a product that actually removes makeup, cleanses your face, and moisturizes all in the same step is key for a mam on the go! So you really don't need a moisturizer in addition, unless you prefer. This is why I found face oil, and have never turned back. Weird, right?! Washing your face with oil? Isn't that going to make me break out? Quite the opposite actually. Oil cleanses oil. Did you know you can also use it as a moisturizer? If you are a busy mom like I am, you need a one step and then go method. Cleansing with oil makes my skin glow, and keeps it hydrated. Oil cleansers are more hydrating and less irritating to sensitive skin. This recipe for DIY Oil Cleansers give ingredients for any type of skin. The recipes do not suggest adding essential oils to your cleanser, because of possible irritation and sensitivity to the strength of the oils. Add DIY oil blend to a non-toxic squeeze bottle and swirl before each use. Tada!

My Non-toxic Peel Pick

Juice Beauty makes a green apple peel, safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. It is non-toxic, making it safe for pregnancy and beyond! It is created without Vitamin A (or retinols) in order to keep baby healthy. It delivers spa-grade exfoliation to visibly correct the appearance of dark spots and discoloration. It helps heal blemishes and reveals a visibly brighter complexion. Bring on that mama glow!

My Non-toxic Eye Cream Pick

I've struggled to find an eye cream that doesn't have a plethera of chemicals in it, and Pure Haven makes one that is toxin free, and actually helps me look more rested after being up throughout the night and in facing an early morning. It is vegan and gluten free, and eliminates puffiness around my eyes. It also smells like roses!

My Non-toxic Belly Butter Pick

When I found out I was pregnant, I literally switched out everything I was using for coconut oil. Throughout the length of my entire pregnancy, I used coconut oil twice a day at least on my belly. I didn't trust belly butters that had cocoa butter in them (which is the majority of belly butters on the market), which is rumored to contain caffeine, and can increase a baby's heart rate. Truth or not, I wanted to avoid it. I also wanted something that was gluten, soy, and dairy free. A top rated belly butter that I have found which checks off all these requirements is Zoe Organics.

My Non-toxic Shampoo & Conditioner Pick

I love Nine Naturals. I first discovered them when I found out I was pregnant. This product line caught my attention because they market to mamas as being plant based, healthy shampoos and conditioners. I have continued to use them even after pregnancy. Not only do they smell good, but I can feel at peace with the ingredients I am using in my shampoo and conditioner to nourish my hair (bonus: it doubles as body wash and shaving soap).

Making better products choices for you and your growing family shouldn't stop after you are pregnant! These are my favorites for pregnancy and beyond. Learn to read product labels, and you can use as a resource to look up products with ingredients that are unfamiliar to you. You go mama!

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