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Less Toxic Target Kitchen Finds

We all know that hunting in brick and mortar stores for less toxic items can be a challenge. Often impulse buys lead to settling on products that contain high amounts of phthalates or chemicals that you end up bringing home.

One rule of thumb that has helped me significantly cut down on the amount of chemical exposure within our home is to plan ahead. Leaving purchases for the last minute instead of researching all your options ahead of time and choosing the best one equates to settling for something you probably didn't need or want. Don't submit to impulse buys and stick with recommendations that come from highly trusted and researched suggestions.

I have compiled a collection of less toxic items you can purchase at Target for your kitchen. This helps you take the guesswork out of what's considered safe. I use all of these items in my kitchen, and my favorites would have to be the cotton dish towels, wooden spatula, mugs, cutting boards - well, all of them!

Each of these items are safer options in comparison to many you'll find around the rest of the store. Always try to stick with natural materials. Cotton, wood and lead free, borosilicate glass opens up so many options. Now let's get shopping! Screenshot this to take with you next time you're at Target.

Shop my favorites below on LiketoKnowit.

Don't forget to download my Home Detox Guide so you can plan for the long term. It contains a monthly planning calendar so you can detox every room, one step at a time.

Looking for Amazon finds? Shop my Kitchen List here.

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