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Kitchen Detox Challenge (Updated 2019)

Today is the first day of our yearly home detox challenge, and we are first taking on the kitchen. There are many ways you can detox your kitchen, making it safer for you and your family. Let's get started..

The kitchen is the one place my family spends the most amount of time. We cook, often- and when I say "we", I mean my husband. He loves to cook, and I love to clean- so the two of us are quite a good team. Over time, I have been replacing things within the kitchen that are tiptoeing on the side of being eco-friendly. Doing an entire kitchen overhaul takes time, and I have just the tips you need to get started. Download the checklist and print for a step by step guide to use this week in detoxing your kitchen. Links are provided for detox suggestions.

Home Detox Challenge Week 1 - The Kitchen

Sink /Dishwasher

Switch out paper towels for reusable cotton cloths from Marley's Monsters

Replace your sponge with an eco-friendly scrub brush set from Marley's Monsters (these are amazing scrub brushes and they're plastic free!)

Use chemical free soap to wash dishes

Choose non-toxic dishwasher powder for cycles


Switch out your teflon coated pans for stainless steel or cast iron

Rid your home of plastic cutting boards and choose bamboo instead

Switch out plastic for non-coated stoneware or ceramic

Choose glass, stainless steel or cast iron bakeware


Opt for sterling silver or stainless steel utensils, or wooden/bamboo instead of coated silverware (unless plated silverware)

Switch out flexible plastic cooking utensils with wood, bamboo, or stainless steel (food grade silicone ok)


Switch to clear glass bowls or stainless steel

Switch to glass coffee mugs and drinking glasses

Use wooden, or recycled glass dinnerware (full list here)

Switch out your knives with stainless steel

Use mason jars as water bottles instead of plastic


Use mason jars for storing food instead of plastic tupperware

Use glass containers for storing dry snacks instead of plastic containers

Opt for reusable bags or stainless steel snack containers instead of ziploc

Utilize a natural material over plastic wrap or aluminum foil for storing food


Buy glass spice jars over plastic

For storing salt, use natural wooden or stoneware bowls

If possible, utilize a glass blender over a plastic one, like this Oster brand

Choose an alternate coffee maker, or glass over a plastic coffee maker

Good luck this week detoxing your kitchen! Don't forget to download the checklist. Share your detox home pictures on social media and tag your pictures with #homedetoxchallenge

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