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Holiday Toxin Free Toy Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means nontoxic mamas just like you are looking for gift ideas!

Shopping for toys that are toxin free and approved by us can be hard to find. We know through reading current research, that toys can contain harmful chemicals which can impair hormone functioning in babies and children, and can even expose them to shockingly high levels of lead and cadmium. Additionally, there are shocking levels of these harmful substances in many brands of conventional toys:

  • BPA

  • PVC

  • Arsenic

  • Flame Retardants

  • Chlorine

So, what are safe toys? Well I have some recommendations. The full holiday shopping guide (categorized by age) is listed below. Many of these are on my OWN shopping list!

Holiday Baby Gift List

Jingle Baby Book

Personalized Farm Buddies Lovey

Geometric Rattle

Plan Toys Baby Roller

Wooden Rattle

Beaded Shaker Rattle

Wooden Toy Keys

Apple Park Farm Buddy

Wagon Baby Walker

Pegasus Walker

Activity Center

Bunny Walking Bus

Homi Baby Pikler Triangle

Musical Penguin

Outer Space Play Gym

Hape Pound and Tap Bench

Green Toys Stacking Cups

Sensory Balls

Holiday Toddler Gift List

Bunny Stacker


Noah's Ark Toy Set

Clock Puzzle

Cubino Chair from Monte Design

Plan Toys Golf Set

Wooden Camera

Plan Toys Dentist Set

Palumba Dollhouse

Cascading Ball Roller

Alphabet Sidewalk Chalk

Play Silks

Forest Musical Table

Life on Mars Toy Set

Farm Toy Set

General Store Set

Walk - a - snail

Walk - a - Puppy

Preschool Numbers

HoneyStix Crayons

Cosmic Balance Board

Banwood Balance Bike

Montessori Rocker / Climber

Under the Nile Waldorf Dolls

Food Grade Silicone Fidget Popper

Green Toys Bath Tugboat

Grimm's Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls

Magical Drawing Board

Town Train Set

Treehouse Play Set

Cruise Kids Bike

Flip and Cruise Rocker

Eco-Dough Play Pack

Holiday Sensory Kit

Christmas Sensory Kit

Small World Sensory Trinkets

Eco Interlocking Brick Blocks

Holiday Kids Gift List

Wooden Cherry Checkerboard

Wooden Slingshot

Tool Set

Micro Kickboard Scooter

Chemistry Sets from Kiwi Co.

Rush to Recycle Game

Robot Puzzle

Magna - Tiles


Labyrinth Balance Board

Organic Play Tent

HABA Monza Game

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