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Holiday Toxin Free Toy Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means nontoxic mamas just like you are looking for gift ideas!

Shopping for toys that are toxin free and approved by us can be hard to find. We know through reading current research, that toys can contain harmful chemicals which can impair hormone functioning in babies and children, and can even expose them to shockingly high levels of lead and cadmium. Additionally, there are shocking levels of these harmful substances in many brands of conventional toys:

  • BPA

  • PVC

  • Arsenic

  • Flame Retardants

  • Chlorine

So, what are safe toys? Well I have some recommendations. The full holiday shopping guide (categorized by age) is listed below. Many of these are on my OWN shopping list!

Holiday Baby Gift List

Holiday Toddler Gift List

Holiday Kids Gift List

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