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Eco-friendly Easter Baskets & Crafts

Ah Easter! Spring has sprung! Time to fill your cart with hydrogenated-oil filled chocolate bunnies, fake grass made from plastic and dyes, bpa-filled plastic eggs, etc. Just kidding- read below for eco-friendly and plastic free Easter ideas!

1. Skip the Plastic Eggs

Yes, they are everywhere. Grocery stores, toy stores, even CVS- you can grab an entire bag for less than $10 and woohoo, you're done shopping. There's nothing that makes me cringe more than plastic eggs filled with GMO-candy. Did you know plastic eggs most likely contain paint with lead in them, because many of them are made in China, along with BPA?! Vow never to use plastic eggs again, and instead choose a healthier option listed below. These are just three out of MANY ideas! Hide them in the yard, and let the non-toxic egg hunting begin!

These wonderful white wooden eggs are perfect for decorating as a fun art project, and their white appearance will make non-toxic marker or paint designs truly pop!

Another alternative is knitted eggs.

If you have older children that enjoy crafts, you can choose to make felt Easter eggs!

2. Choose Organic

Put down that processed candy and those chocolate bunnies! Make a choice to go candy free this year. Opt for more natural, organic treats such as homemade trail mix filled in mason jars, or Yum Earth organic candy or make your own Easter breakfast popsicles with yogurt, granola, blueberries, and raspberries! This coconut oil based rice-krispy recipe is the best replacement for candy or chocolate, with or without the sprinkles- better yet, you can cut them into the shapes of bunnies, carrots, and eggs with these cookie cutters!

3. Eco-friendly Toys & Goodies

Did you know that dollar store toys contain harmful dyes, toxic heavy metals, and phthalates, just to name a few? Green America and Woman's Day both found that at least 81% of these toys are toxic and harmful to your child's developing endocrine system. If that doesn't have you running far away from the dollar store, and steering clear of purchasing cheap toys made from chemicals filled materials, I don't know what will! Choose to purchasing sustainable toys, like the ones listed below. There are so many brands people stick to, like Melissa and Doug, and never venture outside of that brand, when there are plenty of other amazing brands with better toys. Melissa and Doug is also made in China, and does contain formaldehyde.

4. Make it about the Experience!

Starting Easter traditions and presenting your child Easter Day crafts will have your them looking forward to the experience of Easter each year. They will look to building memories rather than focusing on what's filling their Easter basket. Our family philosophy is that having a handful of sustainable toys is better than filling your home with endless, cheap ones. Less is more. A few of my favorite eco-friendly crafts are listed below.

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