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Detox Your Kids' Rooms (Updated 2019)

This week is the third week of our home detox challenge, and we are moving from detoxing the nursery to detoxing your kids' bedrooms/playroom. Detoxing a kid's room or playroom can include anything from toys to bed sheets. My favorite companies for affordable bedding/crib sheets is Pottery Barn (during sales) and Burt's Bees. Let's focus more on toys, carpet, play mats, etc. for this week. Don't forget to download the checklist and make notes along as you go.

When I walk into a house that is littered with children's plastic toys, my entire body cringes. There are so many alternatives out there, and going green is so easy now with everything accessible online- hello amazon! But even I have trouble finding the "perfect something" I'm looking for from time to time. Last week, I was on the hunt for an eco-friendly water table for my daughter's first birthday. After researching for days, and weighing many options, my mom actually found the perfect one (linked below in post). Once you start "thinking green" it's easy to find alternative options because it just becomes natural. Now, let's detox!

Home Detox Challenge - Kids’ Rooms

Nontoxic Toy Brands: Plan Toys, HABA, Uncle Goose, Wonderworld, Camden Rose, Grimm's Speil and Holz, HaPe, Maple Landmark, Green Toys, and Bannor Toys

Child - Safe Toys by Camden Rose

Skip the plastic toys altogether, and opt for wooden toys (painted with non-toxic dyes), stainless steel, etc. But if you must have plastic, used recycled plastic (stay away from stuff manufactured in China- their toys have been found to have high levels of lead in them, such as Melissa and Doug- we call this a "green-washed company"). The safest of all toys are the ones constructed from unfinished wood. Ensure you check the coating on the toys- there are several toy companies that will finish toys in beeswax and an organic oil, and this is safe too.

My Favorite Non-toxic Toy Picks:

Child - Safe Furniture

Skip furniture that is padded with foam that does not meet certification guidelines, or is covered in fabric that is treated with flame retardants, and opt for solid wood (not particle board or man-made wood) instead

  • Craft tables that are made from solid wood is a better choice than plastic or man-made wood

  • Child - Safe Playmats/Rugs - Choose an organic cotton or wool rug over a synthetic one made with a polyester backing

  • Opt for a child-safe play-mat over a toxic foam or pvc mat (stay away from EVA-foam mats that claim to be non-toxic- they off-gas formamide). This one from Pillobebe is made from organic cotton, and this one from Creamhaus is a great non-toxic choice. It's made from PE foam, and is free of formamide, PVC, EVA, fire retardants and other VOC's. Another option for a play mat is Little Nomad. This craftsman from Turkey also makes playmats sold on Etsy.

Accessories/Toy Storage

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