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Detox Your Baby's Nursery

Our home detox challenge is continuing, and we are moving onto the nursery. The nursery is so important, because it's where your lovely little baby sleeps and spends at least 50% of their time (unless your baby doesn't nap like mine). Everything- from what you hang on the walls, what you paint the walls with, what you use for bedding and toys, and even furniture is important.

In a previous post I wrote, I suggested products that are the best route to go when developing a non-toxic nursery that is safe for baby. Included in that list is an organic mattress and mattress pad, organic crib and pack and play sheets, a non-toxic crib and glider, a low-emission monitor (if our baby didn't sleep upstairs, I wouldn't use a monitor at all), and a non-toxic travel crib for when you're on the go. Read on for some more suggestions in designing or "redoing" your child's nursery (and a few more baby items), and don't forget to download the checklist!

Home Detox Challenge - The Nursery

Baby Safe Sleeping

Buy/register for a non-toxic crib that is Greenguard Certified and made from real wood (Pottery Barn 1, Babyletto 2, Green Cradle 3)

Buy/register for organic cotton or wool bedding/sheets (Pottery Barn Organic Sheet 1, Shephard's Dream 2, Burts Bees 3)

Buy/register for organic Merino wool or cotton mattress pad from Buy Buy Baby (also on Amazon).

Baby Safe Furniture

  • Skip furniture that is padded with foam that does not meet safety guidelines for chemical emissions, or is covered in fabric that is treated with flame retardants. Instead, opt for solid wood (not particle board or man-made wood), which can contain MDF (medium density fiberboard), which has high levels of formaldehyde.

  • Buying furniture that is solid wood, like from Romina, or manufactured wood that is “Greenguard Certified” like this dresser, can ensure your baby breathes cleaner air and is exposed to lower amount of VOCs. Here is another option from Buy Buy Baby.

  • Buy/register for a non-toxic glider, or a solid wood, unfinished rocking chair

  • Clothes

  • Buy/register for mostly organic clothing, or all if you can help it! (Burt's Bees, Monica and Andy, Under the Nile are just a few of the brands I love)

  • Opt for bamboo or organic cotton swaddles (Under the Nile 1, Wee Sprout 2, Aden & Anais 3)

  • Use organic cotton bibs


  • Include on your registry a low-emission monitor, or switch out your current monitor for a low-emission one, that doesn't include wifi or connect to your phone) - the nest is my choice, or the Babymoov (Note: there is no such thing as a safe EMF baby monitor. They all give off some degree of radiation).

  • Instead of a plastic diaper pail, opt for stainless steel (keeps odors in better) such as Ubbi

  • Use No-VOC paint when designing the nursery - there are options at hardware stores, or even on Amazon (like this milkpaint)

  • Use non-toxic picture frames, unfinished wood is always a good choice

  • Skip the plush toys altogether, which are constructed with chemicals, or only buy/register for organic cotton stuffed toys or toys made from wool - read more detail about why synthetic stuffed animals are toxic to your child here.

  • Skip the plastic toys altogether, and opt for wood (painted with non-toxic dyes) from HABA, stainless steel from Pottery Barn Kids, and if you MUST have plastic, used recycled plastic from Green Toys

  • For a noise cancelling or white noise machine, use one that includes a HEPA filter to trap mold, dust, pollen, dust mite particles, and other allergens including cigarette smoke - we love this one, and use it every night (it has three speeds) and drowns out the sounds of barking dogs or loud visitors

Baby Carrier

Opt for an organic baby carrier, one made without harmful dyes or contains plastic pieces - Lillebaby is by FAR the best carrier I've ever used. If you're wanting to stay away from padding (even though the fabric is organic) choose a Happy Baby Wrap instead

Use a non-toxic or organic baby changing pad (pad, cover) - We got ours from Land of Nod, before it became Crate and Kids


  • Opt for organic fabric storage from Our Green House or these animal themed cubes from Amazon, or these canvas bins from Amazon

  • Use eco-friendly storage options (Hangers 1, 2, 3) for storing clothes

I am still swapping out things in my baby's nursery, for more organic, sustainable options. Choosing non-toxic products from the beginning, and limiting the amount of "unknown" products in your nursery will put you and baby on the right track.

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